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DMCA: I do not support any type of spamming activity. this topic for only education purpose.

Why Facebook blocked your URL links:

If your Web site against to Facebook community or in the category of Spam. And if you are sharing your post multiple times or too many times, then Facebook can block you.

How to check that “facebook has Blocked my Website or Not “:

Step 01: Firstly run your website through the Facebook Debugger.

Step 02: if you got this

It’s mean your website has been blocked by facebook. Else you got details about the website it’s mean you are unblocked.

How to Post or send block URLs / links on Facebook :

If you are reading this it’s mean your website is blocked by facebook. so let’s get start it.

Step 01:  Open Google Doc.and Create a blank document.

Step 02: Insert thumbnail of your post. By clicking

Insert -> Image -> Upload from computer.

Browse and insert the image.

Now, the image has been inserted.

Step 03: Write the text “Click Here” top of the Image.

Step 04: Edit title bar and Select Text and image (ctrl + a) and Insert the link of your post by clicking the Insert Link button.

Step 05: Click on the Share button and Copy link.

Step 06: Past link on your facebook post and share it.

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